Incline Wheelchair Lifts

Unlike platform lifts, wheelchair lifts follow the course of both straight and even curved staircases, up to 40 metres.  They can also be conveniently folded-up, so as not to block the staircase for other users.

Incline Wheelchair Lifts are ideal for locations that are too high for ramps or for which it might be too complicated to install a new lift shaft.

Wheelchair Lift Info

  • We can provide platform sizes up to 1250 mm x 800mm
  • 230kgsweight limit (35 stone).
  • The lift can incline to any angle between 0 - 50 degrees.
  • Minimum width of staircase required for installation is 1150mm.

For a more details and dimensions please use the link below to download the Technical PDF information sheet.

Technical information

For more information, please contact us via email at or by phone on 01202 669194.


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Incline Wheelchair Lifts