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Domestic Wheelchair lifts or 'Home Lifts' are quiet and compact and therefore ideal for wheelchair users at home who only need to travel through one floor.  Unlike vertical lifts, upstairs space can still be accessed when the carriage is parked downstairs. Domestic lifts of this kind are sometimes referred to as through floor lifts, thru floor lifts or house lifts.

Domestic Lifts Info

  • Travels to first floor only (up to 3.5 metres) For multiple-storeys click here
  • Up to 39 stone (250kg) weight limit
  • 2 to 3 day installation time
  • Usually requires 1.5m x 1m area
  • Tip-down seat available
  • Single person use only
  • User must be seated
  • Free-standing tracks
  • Back-up power reserve during power-cut
  • Timer-controlled lighting
  • Automatic doors available

This type of wheelchair lift can be fitted with a drop down seat and is only suitable for one passenger at a time. The user must be seated at all times.

We currently choose between three suppliers namely Wessex Lifts, Terry Lifts and Pollock Lifts. Each has unique features which help us to determine the most suitable wheelchair lift for the user and their home.

Domestic Lifts Prices

The cost of domestic wheelchair lifts is determined by the amount of building work involved in cutting the aperture, the size of cabin required and the number of options involved of which there are many.

A budget of between £8,500 to £11,000 would usually be enough to cover most eventualities. Factors which could increase this price include extensive re-routing of pipes and wiring in the aperture area or if either the ground or mid floor is not level.


Wessex Lifts

Wessex Wheelchair Lifts

The Wessex Home Lift is available in six configurations to suit a wide range of applications. In common with other domestic wheelchair lifts, free standing tracks eliminate the need for a load bearing wall increasing the number of locations which can accommodate a Home Lift.

Wessex Home Lift Video:


Wessex Lifts are based in Romsey in Hampshire.

Download the Wessex Home Lifts Brochure pdf

Download Wessex Home Lift Technical Data pdf


Terry Lifts

Terry Lifts Compact Home Lift Terry Lifts Wheelchair Lift

One of the key features of the Terry Home Lift is the ability to maintain a half hour fire integrity whether the lift is parked upstairs or downstairs.

Other benefits include the option to have a longer and wider platform if that is a key consideration.

Terry Lifts Home Lift Video:



Terry Lifts are based in Knutsford in Cheshire.

Download the Terry Lifts Home Lift Brochure pdf

Download Home Lift Customer Installation Guide pdf


Pollock Lifts

Pollock Wheelchair Lifts

If space constraints require that a side-hung wheelchair lift be installed then the Pollock Lift is for you.

The pollock can also be fitted with a seat which can be fixed, sliding, fold-up or perching.

Pollock Lifts Home Lift Video:



Pollock Lifts are based in Northern Ireland.

Download the Pollock Home Lifts Brochure pdf


For more information, please contact us via email at or by phone on 01202 669194.

Further information, images and video's can be viewed on our products for the disabled blog.

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