Schools & Public Buildings

Over the past twenty years, Dolphin Stairlifts have brought the latest and safest equipment to schools and public buildings across the South coast.  From incline wheelchair lifts that can be fitted to both straight & curved staircases, to self-contained (indoor & outdoor) vertical lifts that travel multiple storeys, we can provide solutions to fit all existing layouts.  We also provide stair-crawlers, to which wheelchairs can be attached and that can then be folded out of the way.

Dolphin Stairlifts provides equipment from all the main manufacturers, including Stannah Stairlifts, Meditek, FreeLift, Vimec, Platinum, Hawle, Brooks, Garaventa, Wessex & Terrys. 

For more information, please contact us via our enquiry form or email us direct at  Alternatively, please feel free to give us a call on 01202 669194.

In the meantime, please click the links below and have a look through our product range:

Platform & Vertical Lifts are discrete and self-contained, making them ideal for commercial premises and public buildings, but so too for domestic residences with more than one floor.

Incline Wheelchair Lifts follow staircases and are ideal for locations that are too high for ramps or for which it would be too complicated to install a platform lift (like a listed building). 

Step-Lifts are designed for short-travel and are therefore quite compact lifts used   to provide wheelchair access over a few steps to a front entrance.  We also do Ramps.

Pool Lifts are operated by manual hydraulics and are designed for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools and quayside locations.  Our price includes the cost of fitting the secure sockets in which the hoist rests. 

Hoists are also available, including portable and bariatric hoists that can lift in excess of 30 stone. For more on Bariatric Care, please click here


Other products includes...

Stairlifts, both curved and straight, for indoor and outdoor use, can carry as much as 25 stone through multiple storeys. 

Domestic Lifts go through one floor and serve as an inexpensive and unobtrusive way of transporting wheelchair users at home.

Bathing Equipment is also available.


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