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Suas 140s Portable Compact Hoists

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The Suas Hoist is no longer in production. A similar travel hoist can now be purchased from our head office.

The Suas hoist is an exceptionally portable disabled lifting device which is capable of hoisting a person into the front or back seat in most cars. It is so compact that it can then be quickly dismantled into 3 main components for easy storage in even a small car boot.

Suas Hoist

Ideal Travel Hoist to take on Holiday

The Suas hoist is sold with a handy travel wrap for transportation and also comes as standard with a transporter trolley.

Travel Hoist for Disabled Holidays

This makes it ideal as a travelling hoist and it can be easily stored in the hold of an aeroplane, coach, train or boat. The small footprint means it can be used in small rooms that other hoists might struggle with and it will go through the narrowest doors and corridors.

Suas 140s Hoist

Many hotel rooms and apartments have very small bathrooms these days, which are unsuitable for the vast majority of mobile hoists. The Suas hoist can open up a huge amount of holiday accomodation to the disabled traveller with the added bonus of transportability meaning the hoist can also be used out and about.

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Suas Hoist