Pool Lifts and Hoists for the disabled

Handimove Pool Lift Hoist

The Handimove pool lift is a battery powered hoist which can be easily installed and removed by one carer at the touch of a button. When removed from the socket it can be stored in an upright and completely freestanding position. Further sockets can be installed for multiple drop off points or if there is more than one pool to be accessed.

Handimove Pool Lift

The lift can be fitted with a body support system as well as loop slings and an impressive lifting range copes well with pools with a low waterline.

The Handimove hoist is a great combination of quality and value for money and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Handimove Pool Lift Video:

Handimove Pool Lift Technical Details:

Handimove Pool Lift Brochure Pool Hoist

Handimove Pool Hoist User Guide Handimove Pool Hoist


Oxford Dipper Pool Lift

Oxford Dipper hoists are operated by manual hydraulics and are designed for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools and quayside locations.

With the ability to convey a person from the pool side to the pool with minimum fuss or distress to the end user, they are the perfect solution.

Oxford Dipper Pool Lift

Available with either a harness or Dipper transporter chair, they are easy to use and are operated by a carer, relative or friend.

There are three different socket types to choose from to enable installation to the majority of swimming pools.

You can see one fitted by Dolphin Stairlifts in your local swimming baths.

Oxford Dipper Training Video:

Oxford Dipper Technical Details:

Oxford Dipper Brochure Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist

Oxford Dipper User Manual Oxford Dipper Manual

Oxford Dipper Parts List Dipper Parts Manual


BluOne Portable Pool Lift

Portable pool lifts are also available, which are useful when there is insufficient concrete to install a socket or where more than one pool needs to be accessed.

This particular model, the BluOne portable pool lift, is battery powered. The image below, shows the lift being used in a leisure centre in Ringwood, Hampshire.

BluOne Pool Lift

BluOne F145 Pool Hoist

The F145 model is useful when the pool has a low waterline. Many pool hoists struggle with a drop of more than 30cm to the water. The images below show the BluOne being used in an outdoor seawater pool with a drop to the water of 1 metre.

Pool lift into low waterline seawater pool in Lymington, Hamsphire

The F145 is one of the only lifts capable of doing this. The pool lift in these images is installed in Hampshire at the Lymington Sea Water Baths.

Pool hoist Lymington Sea Water Baths

The BluOne range of pool lifts are sold exclusively through Dolphin in the UK and have proved to be a very popular lift with leisure centres, hotels, schools and people using pool lifts in their own homes.

BluOne Pool Lift Video:

BluOne Technical Details:

BluOne Pool Lifts Brochure BluOne

BluOne User Manual BluOne User


The PAL and Splash Pool Lifts

The PAL pool lift is completely portable, battery powered and can be controlled by the user in the event that self-transfers are suitable. The Splash is semi-portable, which means the lift is fitted into a socket sunk into the concrete deck, but can be easily removed by one person with the caddy trolley provided.

PAL Pool Lift

Splash Pool Lift

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For more information on the latest pool hoist developments visit our pool lifts for the disabled blog.

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