Bariatric Hoists

BHM V5 Duo Ceiling Hoist

The BHM V5 Duo ceiling track hoist maintains many of the trusted features of the previous series hoist along with design improvements and new technological advances. An ergonomically designed handset provides 2 or 4 way function, and a wireless remote is available. The clip on charging station can be placed at any convenient location along the track.

BHM V5 Hoist

The hoist safety features include power emergency up & down along with an easily accessible manual emergency down compliment the safety design aspects.

The hoist has a maximum 200kg (30stone) safe working load.

BHM V5 Voyager Duo Brochure Voyager Hoist

BHM V5 Voyager Duo User Manual Voyager Manual


BHM V10 Bariaric Ceiling or Gantry Hoist

We can also offer you the BHM V10 hoist and gantry kit which has a safe working load of 450kg or 72 stone. The hoist has powered lifting and traverse functions so there is no need to manually move the hoist along the track as with similar gantries.

BHM V10 Bariatric Hoist and Gantry

The hoist has a specialist bariatric padded spreader bar
which is wider than a standard spreader bar. The hoist has an electronic soft start and soft stop built in for safe smooth transfers.

BHM V10 Hoist Brochure V10 Hoist

BHM V10 User Manual V10 Manual


Oxford Voyager 800 Bariatric Ceiling Hoist

The Oxford Voyager 800 has a lifting capacity of 360 kg, that's approximately 57 stone. The Voyager 800 has the same features as the Voyager 420, but is only available with a 4 way powered motor.

Voyager 800 Hoist

Oxford Voyager 800 Ceiling Hoist Brochure Voyager 800

Oxford Voyager 800 Ceiling Hoist User Manual Voyager 800 Manual


Do you need to weigh your client regularly?

We can also supply a weigh scale which is built into the carry bar and can weigh up to 200kgs and has BMI functions as well.

Hoist Weigh Scales

The weigh scale will fit most ceiling and mobile hoists.