Hoists and Patient Handling Equipment

Dolphin Mobility Hoists

Dolphin supply, install and maintain a wide variety of hoists and patient handling equipment, including ceiling hoists, portable hoists, wall mounted and mobile hoists.

Dolphin are approved suppliers of several hoist manufacturers products including BHM Medical, Oxford Hoists, Prism Medical, Chiltern Invadex, Handimove, Atlas Hoists and Joerns Healthcare.

Ceiling Hoists

Ceiling hoists are overhead hoists which are normally fixed to the ceiling but can also be wall mounted.

Overhead tracking is permanently installed and the hoist motor traverses along this track. Straight and curved sections of rail are available along with a host of other options such as turntables, XY systems or H frames, exchangers and gates with which to connect tracking between rooms.

Voyager Duo ceiling hoists

To see a video detailing installation methods used when installing ceiling hoists click play on the YouTube player below.

Gantry Hoists

Gantry hoists are similar to ceiling hoists, the hoist motor traverses along an overhead rail, but rather than being fixed to the ceiling they can be semi portable or completely free standing.

A freestanding gantry hoist has the appearance of a football goal. There are two upright posts and a crossbar.

Gantry Hoist

Semi-portable hoist systems work in a similar fashion but with the uprights extending from the floor to the ceiling. The easytrack systems shown below are available in a 2, 3 or 4 post configuration.

Easytrack 4 Post System Easytrack 2 Post System Easytrack 3 Post System

Wall Lift Hoists

Wall hoists feature a telescopic arm which folds flat to the wall when not in use. They are typically used when space constraits rule out alternative hoisting sytems.

Wall Lift Hoists

Mobile Hoists and Floor Hoists

Dolphin supply many types of mobile hoist depending on the users lifting requirements. Some versions fold down or can be easily taken apart in order to transport the hoist between locations.

Atlas Portable Hoist

They can be difficult to move around the room, so they're fine to use on hard floors or thin carpet but they're not appropriate for use on a deeper pile.

Standing Hoists

As the name suggests, standing hoists have been developed to allow a person to be transferred in a standing position.

Standing Hoists by Unihoist

Trampoline Hoists

The Handimove 2600 hoist assists disabled users and Rebound Therapy practitioners to work safely with even the highest trampoline.

Victor Trampoline Hoist

Handimove Victor Trampoline Hoist

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