Did You Know?

King Henry VIII was the inventor of the stairlift!

TV historian Doctor David Starkey has in 2009, found evidence in a list of the possessions of King Henry VIII that attributes the first stairlift invented to the Monarch. Injured through jousting, used a chair that was hauled up and down stairs on a block and tackle system by servants at the ancient Whitehall Palace in London.

Previously it was believed that in the 1920s, C.C. Crispen, a Pennsylvania entrepreneur and self-taught engineer was the inventor of the stairlift. His creation called 'The Inclinator' was designed to enable his ailing friend to travel from floor to floor.

But now new evidence has discovered that Henry VIII, who is best known for his six wives and founding the Church of England, used a bespoke 'Stairthrone'.

Described in royal records as 'a chair... that goeth up and down', the stairlift is thought to have been operational at Whitehall Palace in London where it would have hauled the King up a 20ft staircase.

It has also been discovered that the King owned the mobility aid as well as three wheelchairs - although 'Wheelthrones' would be more appropriate - to help transport his vast 30 stone bulk around his royal residences.

Amazing, but true.

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