Straight Stairlift

Before we starting installing the new lift for one of our customers. We were required to remove the hand rail that was fixed to the right hand side of the staircase.

Our engineers did this, neatly and making good so that it was not
noticeable that it was there in the first place.

We installed the new lift quickly without any problems and within only a few hours, our customer was able to get to her second floor.

The picture shows you the lift with the seat down and ready for use. When it is not in use, the seat, footplate and arm rests can all be folded up to allow access for other people.

Finally, you can see that we installed the remote control on the bannister in a convenient position. Another was also placed similarily at the top for the customer to use to call the lift when in the opposite location.

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Straight Stairlift