Interior Swimming Pool Lift

Pool Lifts for David Lloyd Centres - UK

David Lloyd Centres asked us if we could supply a pool lift that could be used for their disabled and less mobile customers that used the centres.

The lift needed to be removeable when not in use and fitted easily without disruption to the existing area.

Our solution was the Oxford Dipper Pool Lift.

Due to the variances of pool side surfaces used in each centre, we needed to find a solution where the installation was common to all, and would be quick without mess. So we installed a surface mounted base plate, which allows the lift to be removed when not in use.

We designed and installed special stainless steel hoops that remained in position when the lift was removed, to act as a barrier to stop other pool users tripping on the fixing plate.

The stainless hoops, were not only a safety device but designed in keeping with the poolside ladders.

If there is a sufficient amount of concrete present we would normally install a below ground socket which leaves a flush surface when the pool lift is being used.

The Oxford Dipper hoist can be used with the Ranger Transporter chair or a spreader bar and sling arrangement.

Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist Video

The Dipper pool lift is operated hydraulically and has a weight capacity of 22 stone (140kg).

For more information, please contact us via email at or by phone on 01202 669194.

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