Exterior Swimming Pool Lift Hoist

Community Pool in Torrevieja, Spain

A client had difficulties entering her community swimming pool in Torrevieja in the Costa Blanca in Spain and asked us to provide a solution.

Her request was something that could be removed and stowed away when she was back in the UK visiting family. Because the pool was used by a community, the fixing needed to be safe when not in use.

Our solution was a removable Pool Lift Hoist. In this particular instance we selected the Oxford Dipper pool lift with a Ranger Transporter Chair as the most suitable product.

Oxford Dipper Transporter Chair

Due to the shallow depth of the concrete we installed a surface mounted base plate, which allows the lift to be removed when not in use. We designed and installed special stainless steel hoops that remained in position when the lift was removed, to act as a barrier to stop other pool users tripping on the fixing plate.

The stainless hoops, were not only a safety device but designed in keeping with the poolside ladders.

The Oxford Dipper can also be supplied with a spreader bar attachment to enable the lift to be used with conventional loop slings.

For more information, please contact us via email at south@dolphinlifts.co.uk or by phone on 01202 669194.

Other popular pool hoists include the BluOne portable pool lift, the PAL (portable aquatic lift) and the Splash (semi-portable aquatic lift).

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